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Happy New Year

People all around the world have start the celebration of this event. In my city Karachi, one can easily hear the sound of different celebrations including Fireworks, Air firing and all that stuff. In fact, I can listen clearly sound produced by the shell of bullets dropping on the roof of my room. People call it tradition (no comments :)) .

Every year, people across the globe spent millions of dollars on this event but is there anybody who think about those who sleep hungry, who have no home to stay, who sleep in the cold without having a proper blanket, who suffered from the attack made by Israel recently. where the hell is humanity ?

Study any religion on this planet, you will know that by having someone needy around us we are no way allowed to do this celebration.

By having this thought in your mind, lets say good bye to 2008 and welcome the new year 2009. May God gave all of us a straight path with having the feelings of other's pain. May God removes all kind of violence around us and gave us a very peaceful world. Amen......

Happy New Year ................