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About Angry Coder

I am a technology expert and making my and other nerds's life easier by writing blogs, articles and by participating in screen casts, podcasts on several topics. I am specifically considered expert in Microsoft Technologies In last few years, I worked on various technologies and now able to work on any thing that comes in. All I need is a little amount of time to understand and get going.

I am working as Sr. Software Engineer in a company based in Pakistan I have relocated to Saudi Arabia around five years ago followed by terrible law and order conditions in my own country and now restricted to keep my employment information confidential (with no good reasons).I emigrated to Australia in 2016 and now based in the beautiful city of Adelaide. I have joined a local university to work on their Research Systems. 

I am also associated with other companies as such Climax Solutions, International Office Solutions, LN Technologies UJHAA E-Services and DANY Technologies. For last two years, I am investing loads of time in working on new ideas based on IoT, Mobile Development, and Video Recognition.

When I am off from computers, You can find me engaged in solving the relationship problems of my friends or surrounding people. According to me, Love is the only good thing that is left among us and us as human is in progress of removing this from our society. Click here to know more ……  you can find me in the gym, taking care of my health. I cannot call myself a fitness freak, but yeah it feels good to be fit. I am a type 2 diabetic and an Ex-Smoker (heavy). 

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