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Pattern Matching of Hyper Link C#

Considering you have a string like"xyrsdsfdfshfds<a>sdjsgdjgsjdsd</a>yutrsgdhdg abcd yhsgjhgshdg<a href=''>xyz</a>";And you want to get all the links in the string which have hyper link specified. To get this job done try the following code.
string ptrn = "<a href='[^']+'>[^<]+</a>"; //<a href="http://[^"]+">([^<]+)</a> use that as wellstring strToCompare = "xyrsdsfdfshfds<a>sdjsgdjgsjdsd</a>yutrsgdhdg abcd yhsgjhgshdg<a href=''>xyz</a>";Regex objRegex = new Regex(ptrn);if (objRegex.IsMatch(strToCompare)){Response.Write(objRegex.Matches(strToCompare)[0].Value);// I am using this .. you can iterate in array and read all the values}