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Beta Components Detected on SQL Server 2005 Installation

This weekend, I was in Morgan Technologies as they were facing some installation problem in SQL Server 2005 enterprise edition. So they called me up with relation to the community work. So the error was
Errors occurred during the installation:Beta components detected.
It looks that there is some beta software running on the server but after looking at the Program Files and Add Remove Program It seems that there is nothing installed before. No Visual Studio Installation (as that is server) , no Beta stuff. There was .net framework 2.0 installed but to get rid of this error I did uninstall that too.But the error doesnot seems to go. still the beta components deteced comes on screen each time I try to install SQL Server.So, Finally I found Microsoft MSI Cleanup Utility which did my job perfectly. on a clean machine where there is nothing Installed I found two microsoft beta installations, No idea where it came from but this tool remove that and afterward SQL Server installed like a butter with no issue.To download the tool :