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Happy Eid-ul-Fitar 2009

Not too long a ago I can call myself blogger :). Actually I am posting any thing to my blog approximately about a month after. I have sacrifice some commitments to save the most important commitment to ALLAH. These 29 days of Ramadan went like a flash, it seems Ramadan start just yesterday.

I have not been a religious being in this holy month. Just finished the 12 days Taraweeh and a Holy Qur’an which I have started before Ramadan. Indeed, I pay thanks to ALLAH who make me enable to do all this worship. I can do nothing by my self :).

My family is about to leave for my grand parents house that’s why let me wrap up this post by saying HAPPY EID-UL_FITAR to all of you. May ALLAH shower his blessings to all of you and make these three days the memorable days of your life :). Don’t forget the needy people near you who cannot afford to have joy of eid.

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