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Permission denied on IE 11

From yesterday, I was having a weird issue in our legacy SharePoint 2010, where all IE 11 users were reporting problems in new release that had substantial amount of JavaScript modifications. I started to investigate by looking at the console and found Permission denied error. Awesome, a step closer to resolve the issue but haven’t had the grab of any useful information about it. I was having the Permission denied error various times on console like below.


I had a look into all these lines of code and I realize that permission denied was occurring each time the “document” object being called and then I notice the following line at the top of the console section.


It led me to believe that compatibility setting would resolve this. So in IE, I went to Emulation section of developers tools, change the document mode from 8 (Default) to 10 as can be seen in the snapshot below.


Aha! the errors had disappeared and JavaScript started to work fine. Now, in order to force client’s browser to use the document mode 10 by default, following meta tag should be specified in master page.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=10"/>