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Happy Eid-ul-Fitar 2009

Not too long a ago I can call myself blogger :). Actually I am posting any thing to my blog approximately about a month after. I have sacrifice some commitments to save the most important commitment to ALLAH. These 29 days of Ramadan went like a flash, it seems Ramadan start just yesterday.

I have not been a religious being in this holy month. Just finished the 12 days Taraweeh and a Holy Qur’an which I have started before Ramadan. Indeed, I pay thanks to ALLAH who make me enable to do all this worship. I can do nothing by my self :).

My family is about to leave for my grand parents house that’s why let me wrap up this post by saying HAPPY EID-UL_FITAR to all of you. May ALLAH shower his blessings to all of you and make these three days the memorable days of your life :). Don’t forget the needy people near you who cannot afford to have joy of eid.

My Love …… My Vitz

I spent quit much time in maintaing of vehicle. I tell you I am freaking crazy about my wheels. This weekend, I keep busy in the stuff like Oil Change, I  usually change all the oils including Engine /  Break / Transmission with oil and air filter after every six months. So I dedicated my this weekend to my vehicle and here are some image and videos which I captured today just after I realize that the maintenance is complete.


Vitz Interior

A Personal Look On 2008

Finally, its the end of year 2008. Another very long and difficult year of mine. The things went odd and odd this year. No improvements. Still, marriage remains the unsolvable matter of my life.Nobody is there to say Happy New Year this time too. Sometime, I really think to leave every thing behind and get a new way but there is something inside me which appeals .... which always appeals to carry on what I am up to there is something which always make me think positive no matter how difficult the situation is.ALLAH gave me many things from this year which includes Health, Wealth, Maturity and nevertheless Long hairs :) but there is one more thing on which I am really proud off and that is worth to share. It is the title of LOVE GURU given me by my close friends. This year I have settle three major love stories to the success. I mean there are lot more but thee are the top three.

Story  1:

In my ex organization, I have a guy working with me who was not performing. So, my manager asked me to take him to the conference room and dig out the problem. As he gave me an open ground, I just start insulting him on the work he has done. By the time he was leaving office for home he asked"Agha bhai !!! have you ever be in break up situation"I replied : What nonsense type of question is this ?Then he said "I am ... that is why I am not getting focused to the work and made those blenders and all that"Who else can understand his situation better then me. So I call him to my place and discuss the situation. Well, the situation was a very complex family problem. His Girl Friend was also his cousin and a very typical Pakistani family setup.So, I went to his home to meet his father (fathers are the only people who can understand a boy problem). After discussing the problem with him, his father said "The problem is his mother, make her happy some how. Do any thing what you guys can do and then give your demand."After searching ways to make her mom happy we finally discovered that she was really disappointed when he was failed in NUST Fast aptitude test for BS. So, I asked him to made another attempt for admission in MS as his graduation was already completed.I remember, I request for his one week leave from office so that he can prepared for exam and meanwhile I managed all the stupid code he wrote. Then he came to me just before a day of his final interview in FAST. That is used to be taken in English. I myself cannot speak much good English as I am just average on that. But what I did is I force him to speak English continues about 10 to 12 hours. We didn't use any single word of Urdu.He was with me that whole night, we watched "Pirates of Silicon Valley" and next morning I drop him to the university and after three or four hours he called me and give the good news of his admission he said "The result is not yet announced but I am sure my admission is confirm".After about a week, I remember it was 1:25 AM he called me to give the news of his mother agreement on his marriage. The remarks he gave me that day was awesome but more then that I cannot forget his happiness. Man !!!! He was damn happy.He got engaged with her some days after and now I guess in July 2009 they are getting married INSHALLAH.

Story  2:

Some month back, Yasir my childhood friend finally got admission in Chartered Accountancy (CA). while we were on drive I was discussing him the issues he can face during his 7 years of CA.Before I finish my lecture, He said "I can manage all that brother !!! but I really miss her !! and what if she get married in this period".Can you imagine, this guy haven't seen his girl friend for eight years and still this much interest I mean they had break up eight years ago.Who else can understand his situation better then me. So that's the next task. That girl was with us when we were in school and I knew about the location of her house but the way was not that clear as it is about 10 years we used to study school.So, next evening I reached her home and knocked the door (their door bell was not working). Her mother came out and surprisingly she remember me and then I spilled out every thing I had without any fear I know that can be too dangerous but I didn't think any thing that time.She obviously refused. While I was getting back from their place I was thinking that I have made a big mistake I asked ALLAH to manage things in good way.As her mother was pissed off with me. She investigate about Yasir's residence telephone number so that she can talk to Yasir's parents about this happening. Somehow, she got that and told the whole story of last evening to Yasir's mom .While they were talking against us on phone, they develop some good relations and surprisingly Yasir's mother said "If we plan about the marriage of Yasir we will let you know similarly if you plan about your girl marriage let us know."That was an improvement, after some days Yasir received some messages from that girl and they again got together but still there were some marriage proposals that her family was considering. So we need to do some thing really quick to win the war.We talked to Yasir's mother she was agreed but this time the problem is with his father. I tell you, I have very healthy relationships with the fathers of my friends but I really afraid this man.I have no idea how, but somehow his father got agree for this marriage. They become fiancés now and Yasir is completing his CA they will get married by 2010.

Story 3:

I have another friend who's name is Naveed. A top class flirt guy, he used to have three plus girl friends at one time, moreover he used to had all these girls in his neighborhood and surprisingly, all the girls are friend of each other and none of them knew any thing about Naveed's relations with each of them.Imagine, this type of guy came to me and said "Agha !!! I am in love I need your help." I was no way agree to believe him but he force me to think seriously about his seriousness in his new love.Well, I was the first man on this planet who trust him in that case while none of my friends was in agreement with him. After some months of his love scene the problem arises.Normally, In Pakistani culture the problem always occurs due to typical family system. I tell you, don't ever select anybody amongst your relative for love. They are just worst people to deal with.This time, the problem is with Naveed's family. So, he came to me and said some emotional dialogues. Now who else can understand his situation better then me. So, here is the next task. To agree Naveed's family. So, I start with his father. I often meet him in mosque so I have a good impression on him. I talked to him and he gave me good attention but the bottom line remains the same "He was not agree".While, I was talking with his father I feel that they have lots of complains about Naveed's attitude. So I start working on him, gradually Naveed start coming to the mosque for prayer and I observe a clear change in him as he said good bye to all the old girls.I asked him, just be agree on what your parents said but show your feelings as well and the best way to do that is to bring change in your life. I asked him to show disappointment, some time don't have breakfast and some time leave the home at the time of dinner.I remember, at that time, he left home without having breakfast and then we both had it on Pathan's Chai hotel with a Paratha and a friend egg. Sometime, he came to me about 10 PM and we had a dinner together. Just to show his family that he is disappointed we have this type of food system for about a month.After someday his father call me to his place to inquire what's wrong with Naveed these days and I told him the whole story that Naveed is not happy with your decision but he also don't want to heart you and all that.Finally, after this meeting his father agreed on this marriage. He with Naveed's mom, went to the girl house and the proposal was accepted from her family and they are getting engaged in this January INSHALLAH.So, these are some love scenes which I have deal this year. I mean, there are lots of other stuff  like relationship problems, Tips and give selections which I solved on daily basis just on cell phone. I often recieve call from my friends that She is doing this .. she always make me pissed off and I want her to do Hijaab and all that.Trust me, I solve all this type of relationship problems by having my mother's and my supposedly girl friend's nature in my mind. According to me both are the hardest women on this earth but I love both of them, they are my life I am nothing without them. (Papa I am not missing you .... you know I love you).So, along with the struggle I had this and last year. That is the freelancing which I used to do. May ALLAH give reward for this and give me success in my own love scene.I have faith in ALLAH. I am sure one day, the climate around me will change because every thing has its end.May ALLAH make me patience throughout this difficult period and keep my way as easy as it can be. May ALLAH  make this year 2009 a very happy year of my life. Amen !!!!!