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Team Foundation Server Installation Story

In my life, whenever I attempt to install Team Foundation Server (TFS). I experienced some new issues, fixes, updates and work around and we are now again moving to TFS for source controlling and project management. So, this time I planned to put my installation experience on a blog.

In my knowledge TFS is the only Microsoft technology, that doesn’t work with Next Next stuff. You need to be sure what you are doing when you are installing things.

In this post I will explain you the process of installing TFS to the new machine.


1. SQL Server 2005 With Reporting and Analysis services. (Service Pack 2)
2. Install SharePoint Services 2007.
3. Once installed, go to administration tool and run SharePoint Product and Technologies Configuration wizard. Ignore the popup saying that
"The following services may have to be started or reset during configuration:
Internet Information Services
SharePoint Administration Service
SharePoint Timer Service".
Just press ok and let it go.

Once the the Wizard is finish, A browser will open containing the SharePoint site.
If it open up with the error, Go to IIS and see if there is an other site which is using SharePoint. If yes, then either you can change port of your site or you can also change SharePoint default port. For that see the following post.

4. Now go to the Central Administration Site and see the Administration Task. And complete configure outgoing email settings and create new web applications task which will ensure your that SharePoint is successfully installed and able to create web sites with no problem.

I have no idea, what went wrong but my reporting services doesn’t create any database neither it was configures on my machine. So I waste some time to do it myself.

Configure Reporting Services:

  1. Now go to Programs – SQL Server 2005 - Configuration Tools - Reporting Service Configuration.
  2. Click on the Tab on the left called "Report Server Virtual Directory" and then simply press create button on the form. Give appropriate web site on the popup "Default Website" in my case.
  3. Repeat the Step six for "Report Manager Virtual Directory".
  4. Go to Database Setup Tab and if you cannot see any thing in database drop down. Click on new button. A screen will appear. Give correct credentials to create new database. Once your are done with new DB creation. Add user name and password on the main form and click apply.

I have not put the TFS DVD yet, all this was a pre-installation stuff.


  1. Now go to the TFS Installation screen and run Windows SharePoint Service Extension, but make sure you have successfully installed SharePoint before this.
  2. At the end of the setup a popup will appear which will ask for the following URL.
  3. SharePoint Site URL (Which will be your default SharePoint Site)

    Last two are the virtual directories which will be find either under your default website in IIS, or under the website running on port 80. So, you have to check it manually and give the path.
  4. Then Run Team Foundation Server Installation but before that make sure you have done following things.

    Create a user that has full rights on SharePoint Administration. In my case, I simply, create an admin user with different user id and password. You need to provide this user authentication information during installation.

    Set SQL Server Agent / SQL Server browser Services to Auto Start.

Yeah, this was the story of my last 1.5 days :). It is my thinking, that TFS always comes up with some unique problem. So you might face some thing that is not listed here. In that case, Create post on your blog and share with us.

Cheers everyone :)