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Background-Position in FireFox

Like me if you are trying to get the background-position style working in Mozilla FireFox and still un able to find the problem check how you gave the value there.

Basically, Background-Position can accept value in two parts “x” and “y”. For example,

background-position : "x y"

Of course, “x” represent the X axis where as “y” represent Y axis. Now you can define the value of both the axes in the following way. 

Method Example
In Word center top
top left
In Pixels 10px 200px
In Percentage 15% 300%


So, if you ever wish to use Background-Position in firefox, use the Percentage method, nothing else gonna work.

Following is the workable in Firefox

background-position: 0% 10%

Following is the JavaScript style"0% 10%"